Transform your corporate training in 2016 with XanEdu.

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Learn how XanEdu can transform your corporate training in 2016.

A younger workforce will appreciate the flexibility of mobile training

Let 2016 be the year to modernize your corporate training. Move your training binders to a mobile solution that employees will love. Nimble by XanEdu is a cloud-based software that allows you to easily convert training binders into mobile training that is easy to manage, change, and search. On top of that, it’s measurable.

Benefits of our mobile training solution:

  • All your training on one app
  • Engage your learners digitally on any device
  • On-demand mobile access - the way it should be!
  • No more printing and shipping costs
  • Deliver training anywhere, anytime 
  • Easily update training – be Nimble

2016 is going to be a Happy New Year with the Nimble Platform from XanEdu and your new mobile training solution. Be sure to register for a demo above.