Learn How to Build XanEdu Custom Materials in the Barnes & Noble FacultyEnlight Platform

XanEdu's customization tools, content library and professional services can help you design tailored, engaging and affordable course materials.

Whether you prefer a live webinar, recorded webinar, or personal demo, XanEdu can show you how to use the powerful customization tools found in FacultyEnlight to discover new course content and create affordable materials tailored to your course. We'll help you learn the following: 

  • Creating your personal course materials collection
  • Exploring Open Educational Resources, textbook chapters, journal articles, cases and other resources in XanEdu's  8 million item library
  • Assembling a custom book for your course
  • Adding your own content (or even publishing your content, if you wish)
  • Working with XanEdu's content development specialists to identify affordable resources for your course

Using the form on this page, just select an option for getting started that best fits your schedule!