Affordability Meets Innovation

As a partner to more than 1,000 colleges and universities, XanEdu provides an industry-leading combination of educational content, professional services, and technology tools to help you reduce the cost of education while sustaining and growing curriculum quality. Here's how we can help:

Complete Solutions for Affordability

  • Expert Editors will help develop affordable alternatives to expensive textbooks.
  • Content Developers will research and identify course resources, including OER content.
  • Content Acquisition Editors will help faculty develop and publish original manuscripts.

Do-It-Yourself Customization Platform

  • A DIY customization platform will help your faculty build affordable materials students will value.
  • Faculty can chose from over 8 million content items, upload their own content, and have virtually any material copyright cleared.
  • Book chapters, articles, cases, open educational resources, and more are available for on-demand use.

Resources for Building Faculty Awareness

  • Ready-made videos, information sheets, email templates can be easily distributed to your faculty.
  • Our Marketing Team will help you make any necessary customziations.

To request assistance on a custom project or discuss how XanEdu can provide an enterprise solution for your institution, just complete the form on this page!

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